Practical training with daily exercises

This training leads to amazing trans-formations in everyday life thanks to useful tools and explicit daily exercises to master them.

At the beginning of a session, each participant is given the book “ The  method for improved conflict management”. They are also given the participant’s handbook to practise how to make agreements out of one’s disagreements, thus opening up the path to an inner transformation. 

Working tgether in a small self-managed Group ("SMG")

Our teaching method offers a dynamic, long-lasting trans-formation.

We invite each participant to extend the basic session by:

1) Reading the book (352 pages) in ten steps,
2) Working in small teams of ± 6 people, through 10 monthly meetings of ± 1h 30,
 to stimulate the implementation, to master the tools and link the method to one’s own experiences.

These small “Self-Managed Groups” are provided with a working guideline.

The team is thus set to run for over a year.