Etienne Chomé is a researcher at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium and he teaches at the Lumen Vitae International Institute, in Brussels.

He is the author of themethod, the founding director in charge of the international association CommunicActions which spreads the methodologies throughout the world, namely in Europe, Africa, Mauritius and Canada. 


Historical background

CommunicActions was founded in Mauritius in 1999 following the "Black February" riots. Etienne Chomé devised his training programme based on a multi-cultural and multi-religious environment, establishing principles that take root in our common human experiences. 

During a 6 year period, Etienne Chomé relentlessly provided training on «Learning to better manage our daily conflicts», and delivered it to every corner of the island amongst diverse socio-economical audiences. His main concern was to train facilitators who could, in turn, lead workshops amongst various audiences, down to ghettos, prisons, schools and companies.

Today, Etienne Chomé lives in Belgium. His degrees in social and political science, philosophy and  theology are the support of his thesis about the art of preventing violence and power games in international conflicts, based on a mastered non-violent resolution of interpersonal conflicts. He examined critically the conceptual framework, methodology and epistemology he invented so as to give the   method its academic legitimacy

His book "The C-R-I-T-E-R-E method for improved conflict management” published by Presses Universitaires de Louvain in 2015, is the reference book of the courses.       


Our commitment in favour of our society

CommunicActions is a network of around a hundred facilitators, all trained by Etienne Chomé. They belong to various professional fields: teachers, social workers, psychologists, employees, managers, policemen and even members of Parliament….

CommunicActions’ target is to provide efficient tools to a maximum of players involved in the civil society, and in doing so aims at promoting a smooth running of social bodies, beginning with families, schools, associative and professional life teams. Legally incorporated as a non-profitmaking association, our movement had from the outset taken up this social challenge by offering workshops to the population of disadvantaged backgrounds (townships, suburban schools, slum areas, illiterate people, prisoners…).

Any help through donation or sponsorship to fund such endeavours in Africa are most welcome. You may contact us for more information on  contact@communicactions.orgor make a transfer in favour of the non-profitmaking association CommunicActions, IBAN BE88 9792 4917 7241, BIC: ARSPBE22, Banque Argenta.