How to efficiently tackle conflicts in our family, at school and at work,

without aggression or evasion?

·         Zone de Texte: HOWDo I control my impulses?

·         Do I express my feelings without guilt?

·         Do I react in the face of anger?

·         Do I renew a dialogue when the other party is impenetrable?

·         Do I stand up for my interests effectively?

·         Do I develop a fair authority while being understanding of others?


The CRITERE Method suggests tangible solutions and tools to deal with 3 sources of conflict:

·         Inadequate structures        → Establish a Framework and Rules of the game

·         Undervalued experiences,

           anger or frustration            → Develop Authentic Communication

·         Conflicting interests           → Achieve Effective Negotiation

A training that brings about unexpected trans-formations in everyday life!


This training session is meant for those who wish to learn how to better handle conflicting situations in life:

·         Within their family (parents/children; couples; relationships with the family),

·         Professionally (group cohesiveness, hierarchical relationships),

·         In everyday life (parents/teachers, friendly and neighbourly relationships).

The CRITERE method provides access to the greatest research achievements within the fields of communication and negotiation, through a training journey offering techniques known for their effectiveness, practical tools that will thoroughly improve our relationships in everyday life. This process is the outcome of intensive research carried out by Etienne Chomé, Resarcher at Université catholique de Louvain and Teacher at the Lumen Vitae International Institute, in Brussels. He is the founding director in charge of the CommunicActions international association, which spreads the methodologies throughout diverse socio-economic and cultural environments in Europe, Africa and Canada.

Our programmes

·         Basic training course in 10 to 12 sessions of 2h 30 (during the day or evenings).

·         Basic training course in 5 6-hour sessions during the day.

·         In-company training during the day

·         Conferences

The training programme

The training is delivered to constituents of +/- 16 people. The interactive sessions combine theory and group work based on actual situations. The course is underpinned by Etienne Chomé’s book ‘The C-R-I-T-E-R-E method’.


CommunicActions is actively involved in many countries.

For more information on the training schedules, please contact our national offices and its certified facilitators.